Christian Pfeiffer India
A joint venture with chanderpur works


  • We aim at a close partnership with our customers. Customer- and all-around service play a top important role at Christian Pfeiffer India
  • Where can your existing system be optimized? We offer an all-round service in this area
    • process-engineered and profitability-oriented analyses
    • a comprehensive system check on the detection of critical parameters
    • storage of different spare parts including fast-reacting logistic
    • Upon request we can also instruct your employees on independent inspections and optimization on your mill system on site
  • Furthermore, our inspection service enables you the possibility to maximize your system
  • essential maintenance and upkeep workings will be detected by Christian Pfeiffer India specialists at an early stage and can be carried out, before damage and further costs can develop
  • Ask for our Plant-Check to get to know the optimization potentials of your plant